Weekly Wrap-up: Change is Coming!

Ahoy! This is Anime Parlay and it’s a lovely Saturday morning here in overcast Washington. Long time, no see! How are you? I’m sure you’ve noticed an absence of posts since Wednesday. Like I mentioned a few weeks ago, I’d like to post daily during the business week. Unfortunately, it’s looking like that is not going to be possible moving forward but that is to your benefit. Let’s break down some changes coming to the blog. Straight to business this week!

Less Posts, Better Content

Call it ambitious but I thought I would be able to keep up with 5 posts a week. However, due to trying to generate content over quality and actual life going on I will not be able to keep it up. To be fair, why should I? I feel like I am not writing to the best of my ability so you’re not getting posts, in my opinion, that are worthy of your subscription to Anime Parlay. Let’s switch that up!

Anime Parlay has been going for a little over a month now and I have some stats that can help me guide my posts to be better. Based on the data collected from you readers, there are 2 post types really getting a lot of buzz. Personal posts and Analysis posts. My most popular posts are ones where I go into tying anime back to my meat-space avatar or the ones where I really getting into the nitty-gritty of plots, characters, or conflicts. Let’s do more of that with more focus!

Ideally, I would like to stay true to my original point of starting this blog. Anime, obviously, has had some influence on me as person. When starting this blog, lots of research lead me to believe that posts that weren’t current, talking about the latest anime, or got TOO personal would be garbage for a blog. So far, that doesn’t seem to be the case. That or I am just attracting the right kind of reader base. Whatever! We do it The Captain’s way here. To hell with nay-sayers and haters. Let’s make it work!

Moving forward into next week, expect less posts but better, more thoughtful and insightful content. I owe it to myself to engage more with the medium of anime to bring it back to you in a meaningful and with new perspectives. That being said, expect less series reviews (specifically episodic reviews). I still plan on doing episodic reviews for Galactic Heroes as that show is FRESH. Trigun, on the other hand, is just too old. I would rather do a few essay posts on Trigun and a final series review rather than continue on for 20 more weeks to finish the show. Makes sense. This way, I can open it up to more new content. That’s that!

Twitter Illiterate (Not for Long)

Social media is still proving to be a personal white whale of mine. I am still reeling from really negative experiences I have had in the past. Honestly, I don’t get on Twitter if I don’t post on the blog. I feel like I am ripping you, the reader, off by not posting to Anime Parlay but fucking around on social media. To me, it’s like staying home for school and then risking getting caught playing hookie by going to the mall. I don’t want to be that person.

After giving it more thought upon decided where the blog will be going over the next little bit, I decided I need to get rid of that fear. I want to interact with you folks! I am so grateful to have people read what I am typing full well knowing it has no point or purpose beyond doing it for the passion and love. Can’t that be enough? I think so. I love anime. I am learning to love myself again. Why not take that affection and dole it out online to those who deserve that kindness bestowed upon them? That being said, I am going to try my damnedest to be little more active of Twitter. Wish me luck and thank you for your patience.

Here’s What You Missed This Week:

The Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These Review #4 – The Unbeatable Magician – Episode 4 dove into one of my favorite character’s back story and gave a little more insight into how the Free Planets Alliance works. I have no idea what Epispode 5 is going to hold next week but you’ll have to come back then to see!

Hentai: A Celebration of Sexuality (NSFW) – This was  FUN post to write even though I felt like I kind of barfed it out into post form. I think they call that transmutation. Regardless, my intention was to not demonize hentai for being sexual but to celebrate that sexuality to learn how we can be more in touch with our own sexuality. Believe this; it won’t be the last post talking about this subject. This post went over really well, better than I had intended. We will be going back to the NSFW realm in the future!

Coming soon to Anime Parlay!

  • Galactic Heroes (Part 5) – The journey continues next week. As the show comes to a close, I think I will pick a new, singular show to follow and post about. That way I am not innundating you with episodic reviews. Not that I don’t like those. Thanks to other dedicated bloggers, I can keep up on each anime season with no effort on my part. Thank you ani-bloggers for your sacrifice. Instead, just one show for me and we’ll rip it in half for content and meaning.
  • Hentai Part 2 – Now this may not happen next week or in the upcoming weeks but my wife is DOWN to contribute and provide her opinion on the whole topic. I want a woman’s opinion and she was absolutely willing to explore and co-author with me. So stay tuned for that action in the future!
  • Music? – Still working on getting more music incorporated into the blog somehow. More to follow as I still continue to figure that out.

What about Trigun?

I am sorry friends. As of today, no more episodic reviews of Trigun. I honestly sat down on Thursday to write about Episode 6 and couldn’t come up with anything thematically, character-wise, or plot-wise that didn’t reflect something I had expressed in the previous episode reviews. Friday was also a bad day to write about anything with guns because of the fucked up news out of Texas. I will not unpack that issue today. Still, with my beloved being a teacher, I did not want to write about guns or violence.

Trigun isn’t done on Anime Parlay. With this new way of doing things, I am hoping to binge through more older shows, like Trigun, to provide more insight and discussion instead of examining each episode. Look, I am the type to take the time to smell the roses but eventually they all smell the same. Why not smell something else while you have the free time? That logic works…

AMV of the Week

This week I need to throw some props at one of my female protagonists and absolutely one of my early 2010 anime crushes, Ryoko Okami. Strong, opinionated, fiercely independent, I am attracted to strong women, shoot me. Tsundare’s also give me a weak spot in my heart. Ryoko and Ryoshi are a great ship and I’ll ship it all day. So let’s do some old-school Kelly Clarkson with Miss Independent AMV by YouTuber Obsidian Zero! Enjoy and we’ll see you next week for some new posts!

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