Check It Out: The Alchemist Code

Ahoy and welcome to Anime Parlay. I’m The Captain and I love sharing treasures that I find while grinding through the real world. I have a very gracious “stamp of approval” but that doesn’t come without critical thinking and a little good ol’ research. Maybe I tend to give credit to everything but that’s not a bad thing.  Even if I dislike something or someone, I would only say is “bad” if it truly is. Otherwise, it just isn’t for me. It wasn’t created with my tastes in mind but it may be BOSS for someone else. That mindset while keeping my critical eye peeled has really helped me develop my pallet and I encourage you to try it, if you desire.

With that in mind, Check It Out is where I share some of my experiences, favorite features, and generally positive things I’ve discovered about something. And by “something” I mean anything that relates to anime/gaming that I really feel like you should know about and experience for yourself. Really, I’m just here to get you hyped and immersed in some good times like I did.

Last week, I posted Check It Out: BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! which was a great mobile rhythm gaming experience. Plus it’s CONSTANTLY being inundated with new content. MONEY!  While originally scouting out new mobile games, I came across the lovely anime art style of The Alchemist Code. What drew me in past the art was the promise of an in-depth tactical combat system that could rival the greats like Final Fantasy Tactics. That’s high praise but let’s talk about it.

That Art Style Though

CheckItOut002-001Each character in this game is beautifully drawn, well-crafted, and makes meeting (obtaining) new characters an absolute delight. I found myself digging deep into their limited back stories to understand more about who they are and how that factors into their specific mechanics. Something that really overjoys me in games is when the flavor/lore of a character helps you understand why their character functions mechanically. It lays a nice groundwork for you to really understand how to play a character at the core level while being able to build them out as the game progresses.

Also, one of the main characters looks like Athrun Zala’s illegitimate child. It’s none of my business but damn, Athrun. What have you been up to?

CHOICE Tatical Battles

It should be known that I am a huge fan of tactical RPGs and I am no stranger to Fire Emblem Heroes (which should be a future Check It Out). I fell in love with the genre back with Shining Force on Sega Genesis. It was like playing chess (which I am terrible at) with pieces that actually had unique abilities and that didn’t die (usually) after one hit. I would use my 7th grade planner, provided by the school, to draw out grids and battle plans rather than keep track of my homework. My grades severely reflected that for that specific school year. Still, it was save the world or do my homework. What did you think I was going to choose?

I can safely say that The Alchemist Code has some of the best tactical RPG elements I have ever seen. It is deeper and more nuanced than some systems I have experienced in massive console experiences. How the game manages that is beyond me. Still, it offers the following:

  • Elemental Attributed Characters – There is a very balanced and basic element system to add a weakness/resistance factor to attack decisions and placement.
  • Variable Terrain – Terrain elevates and lowers providing additional bonuses/penalties depending on where a character attacks from or ends their movement.
  • Tactical Decision Making – Something that really separated The Alchemist Code from other tactical games I’ve played was the fact that your character could move then attack or attack then move. Most games in this vein have to move and attack only. This led to better unit placement and better control of my characters in the fray. You also get to choose which direction the character faces at the end of their turn. This let’s you anticipate the enemy’s attacks which can be a life saver.

I am also a HUGE sucker for cut-scene attacks before some real anime-esc, undefinable crazyness goes down. You know what I mean!


Diversity in Class

The Alchemist Code adds even more tactical customization by offering characters that can learn other skills and become other classes than their original class. That is HUGE! This allows you to really customize your team as well as allow you to have the gaming experience that would be best for your play-style. It also offers a flavorful take on the idea of “progress” as your character gains enough experience to move on to another class.

What I also enjoyed was getting stuck in some of the story missions. I could see that certain types of units would be better in different situations. Rather than have a character box FULL of characters to draw from, I had my already seasoned units able to change from Damage units into more Tank-like units capable of taking more hits. My spell casters could change our their pain spells for spells that provide more support and healing. It was refreshing to be able to change between classes rather than use an under-leveled character of the class I needed. That’s big win in my book.

But it’s a Mobile Game…

Yes, yes, I hear you. Micro-transactions! The server will die eventually! GROWLING INCOHERENTLY! Look, I HEAR you! It my last Check It Out, I outlined a few things about mobile games that irk people and how I work around them. This game passes the mobile gaming test with flying colors.

  • No Money – I have not spent a cent on this game and you won’t have to either. It’s a great game and I wouldn’t mind giving them money for their great work but I have gotten more than what I need to make substantial progress in the game. That and the game keeps giving me more and more. I’ll take it!
  • Taking What I Get – I already have a few 5-star units from the generous amount of free gacha tickets the game has given me. That’s all you need to STEAMROLL through the story missions. Then you get more for completing more story missions. I can’t complain at all!
  • Bored? Delete it! – I have NOT lost interest in this game by a long shot. It is just so deep and well realized that I may have this game in my rotation for quite a bit. Not many games capture me quite like that but The Alchemist Code has.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decided to Check It Out. All I can do is share what I enjoyed with the game and hope you give it a shot. If you do end up getting The Alchemist Code on your mobile device, let me know how it treats you! Maybe you like a feature that I didn’t cover or perhaps you didn’t like it at all. Let’s talk about it! That communication is only going to make us better in the long-run, even if we disagree! That’s all I have for you today. Thank you VERY much for reading about The Alchemist Code here on Anime Parlay. See you tomorrow for another post! Farewell!

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