Weekly Wrap-up: A Wizard is Sometimes Late

Ahoy! This is Anime Parlay and my last week can be summarized in one Tamaki gif:

Honestly, it wasn’t too bad. Just chaotically busy. I helped my in-laws build a new patio, lower their existing deck, and make a picket fence to split the backyard into a work area and play area. It was a huge amount of work and completely ripped me away from my safe spot blogging at home. However, this is one of the first times I’ve been able to drop what I’m doing to help a family member in need. Usually work comes first or gets in the way but I finally got to be of service when I was needed. That felt good and I have unemployment to thank for that.

I must say, I really enjoyed my time cutting boards, using a nailgun, and destroying my weak arms via shovel and wheelbarrow. It gave me a lot of time to think about the blog and what I want to do with it. I haven’t taken my writing seriously in years. My voice has changed a lot since college, even more so since my first time blogging 7+ years ago. Just having all that time to think while I worked was just what I needed. Here’s just a few ideas in the hopper.

  • This is My Voice – I have been down in the dumps for the last few years. It’s the result of toxic friendships, the end of an abusive relationship, and working soul-crushing jobs to make ends meet. When 2018 came around, I decided to take control of myself. I used to perform stand-up comedy and be an aspiring writer before I gave myself over to the negativity. With the help of my wife, a little therapy, and Washington’s finest cannabis I’m making “big” progress and feeling more like myself again. I’d been telling myself that my opinions, thoughts, and perspectives are worthless and unneeded but I aim to change that with Anime Parlay. It’s going to be my challenge to be open and raw and vulnerable but that’s what I came here to do!
  • Relearning Social Media – I’m off the grid, man! For so many reasons. I haven’t been doing social media since 2015. When things just got too hectic and venomous, I turned it all off. My Wife also isn’t a big social media person so we decided we really only needed each other and parted ways. Since returning to pre-MySpace times, I suck at being social. I seldom return texts, I barely check my emails, and my phone is more of a small work tablet than a phone. I need to be a better communicator IRL and for the blog. So please bear with me as I figure out how to come out of my shell.
  • Content Diversity, Please – It has been so nice to be watch anime again and it feels fucking great to write again. Here’s the thing though; I’m not happy with my content so far. I mean, people come to Anime Parlay to read and I feel like I need to deliver. I also want some sort of personal journalistic archive for my great grandchildren to read while they escape to Mars when Earth implodes. That’s honestly not too much to ask for. Writing about a 20-year-old show 3 to 4 times a week is going to be stale for everyone. I’m mixing it up for all of our sanity.

What did you miss?

This week: Nothing!

Last Week: Trigun re-watch is in full swing and you can check out the first three episodes of thoughts and comments here

Trigun Review #1 – The $$60,000,000,000 Man

Trigun Review #2 – Truth of Mistake

Trigun Review #3 – Peace Maker

A note about future reviews on Anime Parlay: I have been using the patented Anime Parlay Review-bric for individual episode reviews and it is not working, at least not for me. I feel like I’m pressing episodes through a filter and not really catching the nutrients from the content. For that reason, I’m opting for a more free form essay for individual episodes. The goal is that each episode has it’s own flavors (themes, locations, characters, etc.) and thus each review post should reflect that. From here on out, the Review-Bric will only be used at the end of a series. Straight business!

What’s in store for next week?

More writing and less absence, Heliod willing. I’m still not sure what my schedule looks like and if my limited handy-man skills will be needed. However, I’ve got some got some bottled lightning fresh from my latest brainstorm and I want to get some thoughts on screen. Here’s what you can expect a post on soon.

  • Trigun #4 – You know it’s coming back but I’m limiting myself to 1 review post per show per day. Specifically, one Trigun post a week. Why the sudden change? I want post diversity so I can write about more stuff.
  • Me and Yaoi – Let’s start with this, I’m a straight dude who enjoys yaoi. Rather than keep it in, I’d like to explore the genre more. That will be some conversation there.
  • Bang Dream Mobile Game – I’m still playing this gem and want to share more with you about my experience with it.

So yeah, get ready for that!

AMV of the Week

This week’s video comes from YouTuber Vegapunk100 and is called Yuri No Ice [AMV] Enrique Iglesias – Bailando ft. Descemer Bueno, Gente De Zona. I listen to a lot of Latin music and wanted to put some of those good vibes in your system. Please enjoy and thanks for waiting for me to get back to it!

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