Anime Parlay Preview: Trigun

This is Anime Parlay! Welcome to the first (ever) Anime Parlay Preview! Happy to have you onboard for the first voyage into actual aniblogging. Onto business!

My whole reason for starting this blog is to rediscover my passion for anime and to learn more about myself as a human. I was a freshman in high school when I started watching anime outside the regular Toonami programming on US television stations. Adult Swim, as I assume for a lot of people my age, was a treasure trove of anime that was easily accessible. I loved the stories, the characters, and the wild settings. Growing up in a small town in the mountains of Southern California makes you long to see the rest of the world. Anime was, at the very least, a small gateway to the plausible.

One of the very first shows that I can remember seeing was Trigun. Even thinking about it now gets my nostalgia senses roaring. It was a sci-fi, western with huge takes on morality, life, and what it means to be the best of one’s self. At least, that’s what I can remember. That’s what this preview is for! Before I dive back in and start watching it with wiser eyes, I need to remember just what made it special to me. Travel back with me, if you will, to a simpler time.

The Year was 2003

Maybe you were born, maybe you weren’t. I can remember seeing the midnight showing of Return of the King. I went to the release of The Order of the Phoenix. It was also legally acceptable to call Limp Bizkit music (For the badass who isn’t as badass as they want you to think). Me, I was your typical freshman in high school. Inappropriate, still rocking the 8th grade maturity, and not understanding why I got picked on so much. By the time summer rolled around, I had nothing but free time. Adult Swim rocking the Trigun was just what I needed to get a better head before my Sophomore year.

I remember the Trigun theme song always lighting up my bedroom late in the evening. I remember the colorful cast of characters and villains that would show up through the run-time of each episode. I also remember liking Vash, a lot. Not as much as this guy I served with in the military. That guy wore Vash’s red coat (yeah, like a cosplay coat) around my training base as if it was no big deal. My cahones are not that big but when you love something that much, I say go for it! No, I liked Vash for who he was.

The Wanderer who Fixes Shit

At least as far as the early episodes go, I remember Vash just showing up in places and then fixing those places before disappearing. I mean, it’s great PR when you’re known as the Humanoid Typhoon known for indiscriminate slaughter. However, it wasn’t Vash just trying to fix his reputation. It was Vash, being Vash, trying to help anyone he could with what he had.

You have to ask yourself this; What would you do with the powers that Vash has? I mean, you could level towns, become an accomplished criminal, or just be a stationary hermit taking on anyone foolish to show up an challenge you. Even though Vash is a wanted man, even though he knows the terrible chaos that he can call upon, he just wants to play it cool and help some people out. I admire that. I admire anyone who would stop what they’re doing and spend their limited and valuable time helping someone else out. It’s a great thing. As a kid, I remember wanted to be like that. Where ever I was, I would do my best to make the most of it.

Our Choices are NOT the people we become

I am no stranger to failure. Goodness, I feel like I could come up with a longer list of mistakes I have made then accomplishments. That doesn’t make you an overall failure. You only fail when you stop and allow yourself to become swept up by the regrets that follow. I know this sounds like a Hallmark card farted in your face but even after 3 decades on this planet, I am still learning how to take those heavy hits and turn them into glancing blows. It is not something that comes easily but it becomes easier with time and support.

Vash, as a character, has to reckon with his past choices as well deal with the decisions of those he befriends along his journey. Much like Vash, I have learned that most people do not see or experience the world in the same way that I do. Everyone has a different perspective that doesn’t necessarily reflect the way I see the world. Even though Vash prefers “LOVE AND PEACE” doesn’t mean the rest of the planet does too but they’re great things to live by in my opinion. I suppose the key is being able to honor your views while still being able to learn and understand where others’ views are coming from. I am very interested to see how Vash adapts to his surrounding and how he grows as a character.

Oh yeah, this guy!


This is why I love anime. It’s so out there. Midvalley, the Hornfreak. He fights with a saxophone. Damn, that’s a sexy weapon people! It’s shit like this that would make Salvador Dali curious. I will never stop being attracted to the odd and out-of-this-world. Just try and stop me. I can’t wait to see this guy blow people in the most violent and non-sexual way possible. It’s going to be great.

Okay, what am I waiting for. All I have wanted to do all day is jump into some critical analysis since I conceived this blog. The time has come! With that, I am jumping into Trigun. For better or for worse, I am ready to see if this “classic” holds up and see if what made it shine for me originally still holds its glow. Stay tuned for some episode reviews as I dive in. For now, keep on watching and stay hydrated. Reasonable. Adios!

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