Weekly Wrap-up: Surrounded by Winners

Aloha and welcome to Anime Parlay. What a busy week. I mean, not here at the blog, but definitely at the state competition I volunteered for to help my wife. I was surrounded by some of the most brilliant young minds in the upcoming generation. Holy crap, these kids are smart. We even have some of our students going to the international competition this summer due to their academic aptitude. Seriously proud of those kids and the work my wife has done this year to get them this far. Okay, done doling out the “feel goods” for now.

Here’s what you missed this week:

The Anime Parlay Review-bricWe’re official with a list of criteria for reviewing anime here on the blog. I can’t wait to jump in now that I have my format more or less figured out. You can read more about it by clicking the link.

Shoutout to those crazy smart students – Seriously, the level of writing ability these kids had was inspiring and incredible food for thought. I jotted so many notes and ideas for the blog thanks to performances I had the opportunity to experience. If that’s the future, we’re in good hands. I can safely go back to embracing my stereotypical millennial lifestyle.

Coming soon to Anime Parlay!

First series to be reviewed – I mentioned earlier this week that I’d be weighing my list of options for series to review. I’ve decided to take it back to my roots and watch a foundational anime that really impacted how I wanted to interact with the world growing up. It stars a pacifistic gunslinger with a huge bounty on his head for causing a major disaster with massive casualties. At least that’s what I remember from Trigun. I can’t wait to see how this show holds up, especially with fresh eyes and new life experiences having changed my perspective since watching as a teenager. Analysis and reflection, fuck yeah!

Bang Dream! Girls Band Party! is legit – I love mobile games and I use my phone for everything (including this blog post). I recently downloaded the Bang Dream! app and it has been a delight. I think I need to vent positively about the game and see if I can’t get you interested. Free press for this game!

Self-Reflection Sunday? – So, this was an idea my brain conjured up on the bus ride home. My brain is always running on full speed and loves to just think about anything. It’s problematic at times. However, Anime Parlay was created with idea that mindfulness and reflection are a means of growth. I know I have every intention of continuing to grow as a person. I figure this can be an outlet to share some of my limited but cherished wisdom with all of you readers. It may not always be anime related but such is life. I say let’s share and argue and see how we can learn from each other. I can be aggressively diplomatic.

AMV of the Week

Oh yeah! We’re absolutely keeping this little tradition going. In honor OF Trigun being our first series to cover, I found this little gem from YouTuber QuiGonJared (GREAT screen name, may the force be with you) called AMV – Trigun – AC/DC: Shoot to Thrill. I think the song perfectly captures the action of the show and the subtle editing really makes it a fun and exciting AMV to enjoy. Thanks for doing what you’re doing QuiGonJared!

That’s it for me. Enjoy the weekend and see you next week with more content. Adios!

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