A Wild School Trip Has Appeared…

Ahoy! This is Anime Parlay. If you came here looking for animated pirates, you’re going to disappointed. If you came here for some new anime related content, you’re going to be REALLY disappointed. I just realized that I have a prior engagement that I agreed to months ago starting tomorrow.

What’s happening?!

In case I haven’t bragged enough, my partner is a teacher and the head of her Future Problem Solvers club. What’s a Future Problem Solver club? It’s a team based competition where middle schoolers take on tomorrow’s problems today. The topics revolve around real would issues like AI, Global Warming, and Housing (those are random problems) and compete to suggest the best ways to combat these issues. Lots of diplomacy and charisma checks as far as I can tell.

Either way, I’ve been deemed a functional and rational adult and get to chaperone some kids to help out my wife. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize it was this week because it’s her Spring Break. That’s right, working on the break. I do it for her!

Let’s meet back here soon!

Okay, so this puts a damper in my blog plans only because our lodging doesn’t have wifi. We’re going to the 1400’s apparently while we solve future problems. So, no posts will be coming for Wednesday or Thursday. Friday, we’ll be back to civilization and that’s when I’ll be able to post again.

We’ll get a weekly wrap-up to get everything back in order. Look forward to what you missed, what you should know about, the AMV of the week, and my first anime pick for reviewing. I’m ready to jump in. I just have to finish my extracurricular unemployment activities and then I’ll be back to slack. Yes!

Thanks for reading and please excuse the abrupt missingness. I thought it was a week away. I’m considering investing in a calendar. Who knows. Happy to write and happy to have you here reading. See you cats on Friday. Aloha!

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