It Begins (We’re Underway)

And so it begins. Good, we started with a cliche. Now nothing can go wrong for the rest of this blog’s history. Welcome to Anime Parlay: A blog for insight & growth. You can call me The Captain. Like Captain Jack Sparrow. Or “The Captain” from How I Met Your Mother. Either way, I am here to navigate you through the WordPress blog that is my thoughts incarnate. We’re in for a good time. Why don’t I interview myself to get this post rolling.

Why did I start Anime Parlay?

So many reasons. I even made a list. I have been an anime fan since I was an awkward freshman in high school in the early 2000s. It helped me find my confidence when I had none. It really gave me a boost in understanding storytelling and what makes characters a compelling part of that. I think most importantly, it gave me a sense of belonging. Even after high school, it was a way to meet new people and get involved in events. Anime, I guess, was my gateway into becoming a full fledged adult.

Now I am an adult. Cynicism and the cruel reality of the world have turned me into that same shy kid I was back in the day. I used to be more confident. More self-assured. I also used to watch more anime. I figured it was time to rediscover the anime geek waiting dormant inside. Using my free time (or what my wife calls unemployment), I want to get BACK into anime.

I have grown A LOT since I watched anime religiously as a teenager. Much like Pokemon, people change and evolve over time if they’re willing to grow. I made that exchange and I am ready to re-experience everything anime has to offer with everything I have personally experienced under my belt.

What can people expect from Anime Parlay?

Well, me! I used to write as a passion hobby a few years ago. Then you get hit with a little life and depression and it really takes the wind out of your sails. I’m ready to get back into it. People say I am a good writer. I have nothing legal to back that up but I challenge you to hold me to it. The pressure really helps the art! Ideally, I would love to write about the following:

Reviews: The bread and butter some would say. I have a DVD binder full of anime DVDS I purchased in high school and overseas. I haven’t cracked it open in over a decade. These are the shows that shaped me as a fan. Will I still like them? Will they still hit me like they did? I want to find out and I figure I’ll share what I discover. Later on, I would love to do more recent stuff but for now, it’s all about going back to the roots.

“Top” Lists: Buzzfeed doesn’t hold the patent on lists. That’s a fact. So let’s make a few on here. I want to get people involved too. No one in this world has the same top lists as me and I want to see where mine differ with everyone else. Let’s get that going!

Thoughts: Let’s just say I let my mind wander a bit too much. Sometimes, I do get a real winner of an idea when it comes to anime related things. It’s time to share. Better documented than lost in my head.

AMVs: YES! We live in the future and I LOVE AMV’s. They’re like video book reports when done right. I love to edit video every now and then. I also have a college degree that takes a critical eye to media. It would be nice to put that to use. Either way, music and emotions are on the way.

From the Hard Drive: Much like my DVD case, my old hard drive has so many things on it. A fair amount (fair meaning majority) of the content is anime related. Again, let’s bring it to the surface and have a laugh at what a nerd I am/was. It’s a laugh on me, about me. Win-win!

What else can you tell the kind folks reading?

Bringing it down a notch, I just wanted an outlet for me to express myself and be a dork. I want that for everyone, especially anime fans. There is a really wholesome and well meaning community out there and I want to be a part of it. As I mentioned before, life can come out of nowhere and take you out of it. I am finally ready to put myself back out into the world but on my own terms. It’s time to jump start the humanity in my heart again. I would like to do that through critical thinking, thoughtful insight, and with growth mindset. Can you tell I married an educator?

If that’s your jam or you just want another opinion on the anime world, you’re more than welcome here. Happy to have you onboard.

And with that, we’re really on our way to building this thing out. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for some good times.

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